4 June 2007

It was a crazy time once

I have been to some wild pajama parties during my schooldays. As young adults, slumber parties evolve into something crazier, depending on the members in your group. My friends are a crazy bunch.

Perhaps the one notable change when we were out of school and working was to find a schedule which was kind to all of us. The other difference is that we no longer had sleepovers at one of our homes but instead found luxuries in a hotel suite.

With disposable income of our own, we could also splurge on champagne, chocs, cakes and even once, a male stripper! Oh, the joys of adulthood!

But I have to admit that as we age and personal responsibilities increase, it is getting more difficult to meet like we used to. Lunch or dinner is already a big logistics nightmare.

Sadly, such wild outings have since been consigning to the dusty backroom shelves in our heads.
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