1 May 2016

Missus Singapore is 10 years old!

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Missus Singapore!

When I first started the site, it was meant to be a personal account of my thoughts and I could have never in my wildest dreams expected it to become what it has. I've been a guest blogger and writer for many sites since and my articles have been published in places I have lost count of.

A couple of years back, I was even offered money to buy over the site with the contents but I turned it down because this site defines me. It is about me and my connection to people who enjoy reading about my adventure.

Granted the past six months have been a trying time for me - having suffered a family tragedy - I have also been inundated with work opportunities which I jumped on to clear my mind. It's been a good escape but now I am ready to revisit with Missus Singapore.

Besides, I have had my hands (among other things) full with Route 69 which also has taken off to heights I never expected in the least. I've solve the problem of limited membership so those of you who did not manage to join up but have been asking to, can do so soon.

My adventure with Missus Singapore will continue and I am looking forward to reconnecting with all my loyal readers and followers. Hang in there and watch out for my comeback from my brief escape. 

27 October 2015

Re-jigging Route 69

It's almost six months since Route 69 - the members-only exclusive MS club - was launched. Truth be told, it far exceeded all expectations. I have met many wonderful people in person over the course and enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Many of you have kept renewing your membership over that period and thus preventing many on the waiting list from enjoying the benefits you have been monopolizing. While that is a good thing, unfortunately for those on the waiting list, that is a bummer.

Still, I thank you for your patronage but it's now time to re-jig Route 69 so that more can enjoy the benefits. All current memberships will expire on 30 October 2015 and will not be renewed. (All members have already been notified.)

I have learned much since the club was launched and taking many things from it, I now seek to improve it a little.

Since many of you clearly have expressed an interest in meeting up with me (and indeed have), I am now going to remove the monthly membership fee and instead install a pay-as-you-play type policy. This ultimately frees me from spending too much time on the site and dedicate more time towards meeting members. Producing content on a regular basis is hard work, just so you know!

Let me explain.

Suppose you want to join in any activity or event, you can make the necessary payment and we are good to go. After the event, you will become a member of Route 69 which will receive updates for future events.
Thus, now as a member, you will have priority over others in terms of any places up for grabs in future events. You will however, need an email address to access Route 69. So all it takes to join the club now is to participate in at least one event! No monthly membership fees for now other than the usual fees for events.

I know this development will appeal especially to the many of you on the waiting list and others who have expressed a keen interest in joining Route 69 for months.

You can email me directly to get more details. But remember, since this involves meet-ups, there are specific terms you must agree to and feel comfortable with. I do what pleases me and addresses my fetishes first and foremost so if you are not agreeable to my terms, I appreciate you do not waste anyone's time. Only adults above 21 need apply and obviously, you have to be based in Singapore.

20 October 2015

Body to die for

Rochelle Gilmore is a champion racing cyclist. She is Australian and began racing in her teens.

She is testament that cycling can help to tone up your core muscles, not to mention the arms and legs. Thankfully, besides swimming and running, I love cycling too. My goal is to get a body half as toned as hers and I will be one happy camper.

11 October 2015

The lure of the MILF

It was deemed a passing fad when it first emerged in the early millennia. However, according to porn industry experts, it has taken off to highs never before seen and today, it is a staple for many men.

I am of course referring to the MILF phenomenon. I have been told that men dig mature women simple for the perceptions that they place on them. Being older is assumed armed with more skills in the bedroom.

In a way I can agree to it but many of my contemporaries will prove an exception to this theory. Sadly, many of them have let themselves go and pushed sex to the rear extremes of their activities and interactions with their partners.

It's time to get with the programme. The whole world is looking at you and now's your time to stand up and be counted.

2 October 2015

Free finger

There is a law in many countries that prevent the defacing of public sculptures. I am not sure what this constitutes.

I thought it kind of cute initially but then again, I have read about many critical comments when a guy does something like this that has a sexual implication. Somehow women tend to get away with a lot of things and behaviors that men can't.

If a guy does something like what the woman in the photo is doing, he will be billed as a downright perv. But then again tact is something not many men possess.

12 September 2015

Time for yourself

One of the greatest luxuries today is to find time and space for yourself. In Singapore, it can be a challenge but as I found out, it's not impossible if you are imaginative and creative enough.

We all have different things that we can escape to but we need to take things by the scruff and make it happen. Recently, I found a little getaway up north and spend a weekend there. You might also like to know that there is a place east in Changi, which offers a good escape.

The point however of this post is not about where but when and why you must do so.

For me, with all that has transpired over the past few months, getting away from work and crowds was a welcome reprieve. Yes, friends are great but sometimes, you just need to sort things out by your lonesome. Clear your thoughts, expel your anguish and clear the path ahead.

I took a break from blogging and can feel a renewed vigor slowly emerging. Sex too has reappeared on the radar which is always a good thing. It's a absolutely wonderful stress-reliever no doubt but at times, it just is hard to fit in into your regular programme. That said, I must underline the fact that the sooner you get down to it, the sooner some semblance of normalcy and purpose in your life returns.

It will take time to get over this personal hurdle as I am sure it is with most people losing a loved one but as the cliche says, 'Life Goes On'.
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